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Equal Pay Day - 17 November

I wrote yesterday about the Nordic Model and how international indices show that we are the most equal in the world, when reality is a bit different.

Today Alltinget, the political news site, has published an article about Equal Pay Day and the fact that if progress continues as of today, it will take 50 years (!) until women and men are equally paid. The article is pointing at the same facts I wrote about yesterday. Reality is not the same as indices.

Women are paid 87 percent of mens pay. This is very much the same in Norway and EU and not so different as we would like to think.

Mari Teigen, leader at CORE - Center for gender equality research, and one of the keynote speakers at Sisters In Cars Scandinavia Conference, is interviewed in the article.

"- This is a bit complicated, because you are comparing countries with very different labor force participation and different systems for wage formation. In a number of countries in southern Europe, for example, very few women participate in working life. Some countries, such as Great Britain, have a much more individual wage structure than in Norway, and this also has an effect compared to the Norwegian model, says Teigen. At the same time, she points out that the interesting thing about these figures is that the wage gap is as similar as it is, across inequalities in women's participation in the workforce and systems for wage formation."

I would like the car industry in Scandinavia/Nordic countries to do a survey that reveals the wage differences, if there is any. If it isn't, nothing would be better!

You may read the Alltinget article here:

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