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What is the company´s gender balance?

Currently we have approximately 20% women, and 80% men in Recharge as a whole. We are actively working towards having a more diverse and equal workplace, and this is particularly something we emphasize in our recruitment. We encourage women to apply. We very much welcome the Sisters in Cars initiative, and we hope that we together can motivate more women to enter our industry.


A brief introduction of the company

Recharge is a pioneer in the eMobility industry, having operated a public EV charging network since 2011. Today Recharge is a leading charge point operator in the Nordics, operating over 4000 publicly available charge points in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. With their ambitious growth plans they aim to continue to make charging easy and available for everyone


Why does the company want to support Sisters In Cars?

We believe that mixed teams perform better, and that it is important to secure equality and diversity in our industry. With Sisters In Cars we can meet as an industry and collectively work together on showing more women the diversity of different roles and opportunities that are possible in our fantastic industry.


What is the company´s gender balance?

17% female at Design department, 24% globally Renault Group

A brief introduction of the company:

Renault Group is a French multinational automobile manufacturer established in 1899 = 123 yo. We sold 2,7 million units in 2021 and are present in 130 countries. Renault has moved fast through the century. During the 20th century, the company was one of the pioneers of the automobile industry. It has developed over time to become a major player in the automotive industry worldwide. Today, Renault Group is at the forefront of reinventing mobility through its four brands -Renault / Dacia /  Alpine / Mobilize. “Mobilize” created in 2020 is developing mobility systems proposing solutions adapted to needs of the 21st century.  We are employing 111 000 people total. Being part of the Renault-Nissan-MMC alliance, Renault Group benefits from global investments. The company has adapted and forecasted automotive solutions to customers for over 100 years now and has developed several brake-through innovations since start :

  • High-tech one’s like the turbo compressed engine, the electric monitored windows, centralized locking, card instead of a key, satellite radio

  • Conceptual one’s like the hatch-back (tail-gate, 5th door on R4 then on R16 etc), interior modularity (R16;) Monospace vehicles (Espace, Twingo, Scenic), sliding opening side-door on LCV (Kangoo), …

  • Sécurity : passenger airbag, en-rolled seat belts, automatic wheel pressure survey, 4control steering assistance, …

  • Plastic bumpers (R5)

  • Energy savings : stop & start, …

Renault has always known how to invent and re-invent the automotive industry.

Pioneer of the electrification of the automotive industry, we do have 15 years of experience in this field and our ambition is to keep the leader-ship going towards a full electric line up for the Renault brand in 2030. Nonetheless, we are also one of the leading players in Automotive connectivity as GAS are integrated in our cars (Mégane E-Tech, R Austral, …).

Why does the company want to support Sisters In Cars?

Renault Group is convinced that diversity is the key to innovation. Getting as many point of views as possible is the best way to predict future through the crystal.

What is the company doing to contribute to equality and diversity in the workplace ? Hiring female designers and employees as much as possible, be present at (design) schools to explain the interest of and promote the automotive industry to young women. The internal promoting system always propose a female out of 3 candidates.


What is the company´s gender balance?


A brief introduction of the company :

EVservices is the coolest and one of the most important companies around. We make the EV truly sustainable.

Why does the company want to support Sisters In Cars?

Because it is super important that we have balance. We believe diversity contributes to a greater future.

What is the company doing to contribute to equality and diversity in the workplace?

We will always have equality…that is in our DNA. Other than that we challenge the status quo by tearing down the stereotypical wall and presenting new roles/other solutions that we think will inspire more sisters to work in the industry.



What is the company´s gender balance?

Gender representation statistics 2021

  • ​​​​32% female representation among new hires in 2021

  • ​​​​​​​29% global female representation in 2021

  • 31% global female leader representation in 2021

  • ​​​​​​29% benchmark female representation.


Inclusive KPI's revised for 2025

  • 50% female representation among new hires

  • 40% global female representation

  • 40% global female representation within leaders

  • Inclusion index at least 9.0 (we will start measuring inclusion perception through new employee survey tool)


A brief introduction of the company

Polestar is a Swedish premium electric vehicle manufacturer. Founded by Volvo Car AB (publ.) and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd (“Geely”) in 2017, Polestar enjoys specific technological and engineering synergies with Volvo Cars and benefits from significant economies of scale as a result. 


Polestar is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and its vehicles are currently available and on the road in markets across Europe, North America, China and Asia Pacific. By 2023, the company plans that its cars will be available in an aggregate of 30 markets. Polestar cars are currently manufactured in two facilities in China, with additional future manufacturing planned in the USA.


Polestar is determined to improve the society we live in by accelerating the change to a fully electric, climate-neutral future.  That’s why we’re taking concrete actions to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Leading the development of new technologies and embracing solutions for a circular economy. We’re raising our voice and pushing the automotive industry to embrace transparency in carbon footprint reporting, supply chain ethics and materials traceability. And we’re doing our best to conduct our business in an ethical and responsible way. 


Sustainability forms one of our strategic pillars, along with innovation and design, and the sustainability strategy has four focus areas: climate neutrality, circularity, transparency and inclusion. Each focus area has strategic initiatives and goals, guiding strategic decisions as well as our day-to-day work.


Why does the company want to support Sisters In Cars?

We believe in a sustainable future for our planet and everyone on it. The concept of “leave no one behind” from the UN Agenda 2030 is a key driver of human rights, diversity and equality. At Polestar we fully embrace inclusion by standing up for the rights of vulnerable people in our supply chain, employees in our workplace, and customers who drive our cars. We also believe diversity is vital for innovation, creativity and business results.


What is the company doing to contribute to equality and diversity in the workplace?

One of the initiatives under our strategic pillar “Inclusion” is Inclusive Workplace, where we seek to champion diversity and insist on equality. We are building the foundation for inclusion to take root within Polestar, including setting up measurable and transparent KPIs for diverse and equal gender representation.​ We are focused on building a workforce that better represents our users and our world, and we strive to bring in different personal experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. It’s in our differences that we will innovate, challenge, thrive and find the power to change the world. 


In our inclusive workplace, colleagues should feel:

  • Comfortable - respected, heard, and at ease in their own skin and in who they are.

  • Connected - in touch with their colleagues and the brand.

  • ​​​​​Contributing - affirmed that their input and ideas are valuable, their work is important, and their efforts are recognized.


We have set out key priorities such as inclusive recruitment, inclusive retention and inclusive leadership to ensure that we find the right competencies and ensuring continued employee engagement, a prerequisite for our continued success (example bias free recruitment processes; how we write adds, conduct interviews and display info on CWs, bias training for leaders and employees, but also how through continuous performance management, wage mapping etc.


We want everyone at Polestar to be comfortable raising questions or concerns about ethical issues. Our Code of Conduct lays out in detail the policies and practical steps that we should follow to ensure that we act according to the highest ethical standards and build a speak up culture. With our Speak Up tool we want everybody to feel comfortable asking questions or reporting misconduct when they see it, regardless of who they are or who they are reporting about.


In Norway, Polestar has initiated a cross industry collaboration to increase the low percentage of women (9 %) and do something with the fact that surveys show most car companies don’t have targets or strategies on diversity and/or inclusion. Together with industry organizations we have organized panel debates and inspirational sessions and are now starting up digital meetings for leaders to equip them with tools to set diversity- and inclusion goals and strategies.



What is the company´s gender balance?

21 employees (9 women)


A brief introduction of the company:

AutoBranchen Danmark is a member’s organization which consists of Car dealers, Repairers, and Painters in Denmark. The organization represents the views of the industry towards the Government, state bodies and the media. 


Why does the company want to support Sisters In Cars?

The automotive industry needs to be better at talking to and attracting both men and women in order to better reflect car buyers and users in the future.


What is the company doing to contribute to equality and diversity in the workplace? We have projects going on with schools and sport associations in order to attract young women and men to the automotive sector. We need to have a better gender balance than today in order to better reflect customers. We also have projects going on with a strong focus on work place job satisfaction.

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