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Success Stories

Sisters In Cars Scandinavia (SICS) is a network for Scandinavian women in the automotive industry. We share success stories to inspire girls and women to see this industry as a career choice and to learn  from each other and get to know each other. The car industry has many opportunities for most people.

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Agneta Dahlgren
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Agneta Dahlgren Hermine

Age: 55

Place of residence: Saint Rémy lès Chevreuse, FRANCE

Marital status: married

Employer: Renault Group

Position title: Director Design Projects EV/CD

Education: Engineer-Designer

First job: Design Communication

First car: Simca Talbot Horizon (!)

Current car: Mégane E-Tech electric, Scénic, Zoé

When did you get your driver license?: 18 yo (2 months after my birthday)

Passion: Gardening edible vegetables and flowers, cooking, photography, art, Swedish novels, joinery, signs of trends …

This is what I want for the car industry: to be as sustainable as possible, move from automotive to mobility, still providing moments of pleasure to people.

Does the employer meet the climate targets? Yes

Anya Ernest
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Anya Ernest

Anya leads Polestar’s innovation work from a service and systemic design perspective through university and student relations, partnerships and cross-organisational work. She has a strong focus on software and electronics, and the connected experience.  


Anya is driven by understanding how technology, business, and design interact in order to design meaningful user experiences and creative digital services. She finds inspiration in trying to understand scenarios and how people act in them.  


Anya studied Interaction Design at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden and Service Design at School of Arts and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is also a regular participant in panels and podcasts, as well as lecturing at Hyper Island, Stockholm and Yrgo, Gothenburg. 


First car: Fiat Uno

Current car: Polestar 2

When did you get your driver licence? 1999

Passion: Exploring new worlds within tech and interactions in different ways.

This is what I want for the car industry: To be more explorative and service dominant! And brave!

Basically, it’s already happening, only a little too slow – I want it to become more user centered.

Does the employer meet the climate targets? I’m very proud of Polestar’s approach to sustainability within all three dimensions: socially, economically and environmentally.

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Emma Valen
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Emma Valen

Age: 25

Place of residence: Skien, Telemark

Employer: Autostrada

Position title: Marketing consultant

Education: Bachelor in Retail Management

First car: Volvo V40

Current car: Volvo C40

When did you get your driver licence? One day after my 18’ birthday

Passion: Trains

This is what I want for the car industry:I want a car industry that is sustainable and shared with diversity. Everyone should feel seen and heard.

Does the employer meet the climate targets? Autostrada is constantly working to optimize us in terms of sustainability. We are proud of what our subcontractors do to achieve their climate goals.

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Åse Brekke Roe
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Åse Brekke Roe

Age: 28

Place of residence: Bø, Telemark

Employer: Glasurit/BASF

Position title: District Manager

Education: Certificate of apprenticeship as a Car Painter

First car: BMW E36

Current car: Mercedes EQB and and old W124

When did you get your driver licence? February 2013

Passion: Car painting, vocational subjects and vocational competitions

This is what I want for the car industry: Create space for everyone who is interested in cars and raise the status of the industry

Does the employer meet the climate targets?  I would dare to say so. BASF and Glasurit are concerned with reducing CO2 emissions and at the same time producing high-quality paint products. It's a challenge Glasurit has taken on with pleasure! After all, our name and logo not only stand for quality, but also for social responsibility.

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