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Sisters in Cars

Nothing happens until you act!

The art of thinking independently together. Conference for Scandinavian women and men who work in the car - and car-related industries.

Sophie Seiwald, Director of IT People & Products Mercedes-Benz AG, spoke at the Women Automotive Summit in 2019 about putting the individual at the center of culture building, about worshiping each individual's contribution, the art of thinking individually (independently) together. Putting diversity of mindset, perspective, creativity and thought in front of boys vs girls, which often polarizes diversity. This is a good starting point for conversations and discussions about women in the car industry at the Sisters in Cars conference.

1.   Collaborate - don´t compete

2.   Lack of manpower and skills - new opportunities

3.   New technology

4.   Recruitment and Education

5.   Why aren´t there more women in the car industry? What can we do to balance? ...

      • Gender equality and career

     • Gender balance in business

     • Gender-segregated labor market

            - Obstacles

            - Possibilities

            - Male dominance and attitudes to gender equality

            - Gender and education

6.   New mobility solutions

7.   Digital car trade 

8.   Change in the automotive industry

9.   Charging and charging solutions

10. Batteries and battery production

11. Zero-emission targets and the automotive industry Green shift UN and sustainability goals

12. Own, rent or share? - Financing and models for use

13. A post about "the green transition - how far are we"? Content: The car brands' announcement of when they will stop producing fossil cars, latest news about EU legislation, how far are the different countries in Europe with the number of electric cars and charging infrastructure?

14. Agent models - what is status? 

15. Panel discussions 3-5 posts with presentation of own career + topic, then panel discussion

16. Workshops

      - What can we get together?

      - Each country separately?

      - Mentor programs


NB! The themes are currently in random order. Several are also matching with each other. The list is a starting point for further choices. These topics will always be on our priority list.

For each conference we need to choose topics to match a varied and interesting program.

The program for the SICS Gothenburg 2023 is here.

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